**** Special Offer ****

To our first fifty customers, we will give you, completely free of charge, this Mark of Fair Tax branding iron!

MTF branding iron

The Mark of Fair Tax branding iron normally retails at £89.99. But you can have it for nothing. Yes, nothing!

That’s absolutely free.

Which, you’d have to agree, is a very small price to pay to brand your employees to show the world how ethical you are.

All you need to do is be one of our first fifty customers purchasing our “Ethical Premiere Deluxe” package.

So don’t delay, buy your Mark of Fair Tax today!


3 Responses to SPECIAL OFFER

  1. Head of Tax Avoidance, Stemcor says:

    Do you do an “HRA Compliant” brand which we can use on our HR Director, so he will allow us to qualify to use this lovely offer?

  2. Will says:

    Paying nothing for a brand reeks of tax avoidance to me – surely you should have a Transfer Pricing policy in place?

  3. If I choose to ignore IR35 legislation, and pay myself, my spouse and all my extended family a salary and pay the rest out in dividends, thus “paying the correct amount of tax”, can I use the designated ‘Paid the Right Amount of Tax’ (PRAT) badge on my letter headed-paper and printed on my accounts that I send to the tax authorities that deal with our parent company in Monaco?

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