On this page I shall be listing the businesses that have succumbed to the media furore created by me and sought a sign of warding for baying mobs. UK Uncut shall not be laying siege to these businesses’ premises.

This is because all the businesses listed below have agreed to pay the sums of money to me that I have determined are due in order for me to certify them.

So without further ado, here are the certifiable businesses*:

I look forward to receiving your business.

Murphy Richards NTQ

*I do not certify that these businesses have paid what anybody at all might consider to be a fair amount of tax. All this certifies is that they have paid me.


5 Responses to Pioneers

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  2. PJH says:

    “Stemcor” – isn’t that the one that Margaret Hodge is involved with in her own tax-dodging antics while she hypocritically lambasts companies that follow the law?

  3. JC101 says:

    How much do you want?I have a business that needs some form of protection against UK Uncut and this should do it.

  4. Count us in, for sure.
    We’re not going to do business with anybody at all, unless they can prove that they have the ‘Mark of Fair Tax’ and they can prove to us that not only have they paid their fair share of tax this year, but that they have done it in previous years too and that they have submitted up to date accounts at Companies House and the have paid all of their creditors.
    We won’t allow anyone to be a customer from this point forward unless they can prove to us that they have the required accreditation painted on the side of their vans, on their letter-headed paper and they have a letter from HMRC to prove that they haven’t just put it on there to buy our goods.

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