Our methodology

Our methodology was created by Murphy Richards.

He launched a pilot study last year to test his hypothesis that his methodology would be treated with mockery. It was.

Buoyed by his success in producing a methodology that was ridiculous, thus proving his original hypothesis, Murphy was able to seek financial backing. His meticulous logical reasoning was this: given that he now knew what method was completely ridiculous, he also knew what method was the opposite of that – completely beyond ridicule.

Now that Murphy has listened to you all once, any further dialogue with any of you is unnecessary and counter-productive. Murphy has determined what is ridiculous and what is not, so let us not get bogged down in the technical detail of the methodology.

Needless to say, Murphy is a massive tax expert who has been quoted in many media stories concerning tax avoidance because he is willing to say things are tax avoidance even if they do not appear to be so in light of any of the facts and legal principles in question.


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