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I'm Murphy Richards, founder of the Justice for Taxes Network. I'm a globally recognised tax expert, economist and crusader for the rights of The State. If you would like to provide me with a grant or some other form of support, preferably money, please email me at

Welcome our newest pioneer: Dogface Limited

Rufus Hound has asked me if he could get the Mark of Fair Tax to show he pays his fair share of tax. Of course, I said no. I explained to him that the Mark of Fair Tax is only … Continue reading

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Introducing the Mark of Safe Sex

Originally posted on The Justice for Taxes Network:
Here at the Institute of Fair Tax we have received some useful feedback (which for decency I cannot repeat here) that has given us a fabulous idea. Our patented Mark of Fair…

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Welcome our newest pioneer: My Nanny’s Personal Service Company Ltd

I am personally pleased to announce that Murphy Richards Jr and Murphy Richards III’s nanny’s company has earned the Mark of Fair Tax. I am sure you will join me in welcoming this into the pantheon of ethical businesses. Well … Continue reading

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Welcome our newest pioneer: Silveta Ltd

I am pleased to announce that we have been able to award our latest Mark of Fair Tax this morning. I was contacted yesterday by Ken Livingstone who was seeking accreditation for his work as a speaker. I referred him … Continue reading

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Flowcharts for our times – Can you get the Mark of Fair Tax?

Are you desperate to find out if you are eligible for our Mark of Fair Tax? Well, why not use our comprehensive flowchart that asks you all the relevant questions and takes you through our detailed methodology.   I look … Continue reading

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The Mark of Fair Tax launches

This is the moment you have all been waiting for. The Mark of Fair Tax is here. The world is now officially a better place. It is a place where you can be the proud owner of a sticker that … Continue reading

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