Welcome our newest pioneer: Dogface Limited

Rufus Hound has asked me if he could get the Mark of Fair Tax to show he pays his fair share of tax.

Of course, I said no.

I explained to him that the Mark of Fair Tax is only available to limited companies. So he said “I’ve got a company that I use to shift income to my wife for tax purposes. Can I get it for that?”

So I said “Of course, just give me the cash and I’ll set you up as a pioneer“.

So, give Dogface Limited a warm ethical welcome!

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Introducing the Mark of Safe Sex

The Justice for Taxes Network

Here at the Institute of Fair Tax we have received some useful feedback (which for decency I cannot repeat here) that has given us a fabulous idea. Our patented Mark of Fair Tax methodology needs minimal changes to provide those engaging in coitus with a guarantee of a disease-free experience.

I hereby introduce the Mark of Safe Sex.

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Welcome our newest pioneer: My Nanny’s Personal Service Company Ltd

I am personally pleased to announce that Murphy Richards Jr and Murphy Richards III’s nanny’s company has earned the Mark of Fair Tax.

I am sure you will join me in welcoming this into the pantheon of ethical businesses.

Well done My Nanny’s Personal Sevice Company Ltd.

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Welcome our newest pioneer: Silveta Ltd

I am pleased to announce that we have been able to award our latest Mark of Fair Tax this morning.

I was contacted yesterday by Ken Livingstone who was seeking accreditation for his work as a speaker. I referred him to our handy flowchart.

Ken then phoned me up delighted to say that he already met the first criteria as his after-dinner speeches were already the intellectual property of a company of which he and his wife were joint shareholders.

I confirmed that all he needed to do was send me the money, and I would give Silveta Limited the Mark of Fair Tax.

So it is official. If Ken Livingstone were to pay income tax and NICs on his earnings as they arose, he would not be eligible for the Mark of Fair Tax.

But, fortunately, as he uses a corporate vehicle to defer income due to him, whilst also shifting income to his wife, I was able to award him the Mark of Fair Tax for being so ethical over his tax.

I’m sure you’d all like to thank Silveta Ltd and the Mark of Fair Tax for the clear moral message this sens.

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Flowcharts for our times – Can you get the Mark of Fair Tax?

Are you desperate to find out if you are eligible for our Mark of Fair Tax?

Well, why not use our comprehensive flowchart that asks you all the relevant questions and takes you through our detailed methodology.


MTF flowchartI look forward to receiving your business.

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The Mark of Fair Tax launches

This is the moment you have all been waiting for.

The Mark of Fair Tax is here.

The world is now officially a better place. It is a place where you can be the proud owner of a sticker that will ward off those nasty mobs that seem to crop up outside businesses which have been accused of tax avoiding.

I am talking about those mobs who don’t listen to reason or facts. Those mobs who show up even if the business in question has offered to pay an extraordinary amount of corporation tax that isn’t due in a futile attempt to show that they mean well.

Now, what would it cost to make those mobs go away?

Well, £10m to HMRC is not enough. But, you see, it is not how much you pay, but who you pay.

More often than not these mobs have heard the opinion of a leading tax expert who is paid by a charity to spend all day promoting himself and his books in whatever way he can.

If you were to pay that tax expert to say that you aren’t avoiding tax, wouldn’t that be a good thing?

Of course it would.

And that is exactly what the Mark of Fair Tax achieves. You can pay me, Murphy Richards, to state that you have paid a fair amount of tax.

So, the world is that much better today, isn’t it?

Of course it is.

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